25 novembre, 2009

"I believe in us..."

"... but if God was there, I think the first line of the Bible should be 'It's round. Looks flat but it's round. Yeah, it spins. It's like a big football... it's very complicated. Imagine you are on a football and you're spinnin' but you can't feel it... Oh, shit. Sorry about the slavery.'"

Eddie Izzard, Stripped

3 commenti:

Giulio ha detto...

Do you have a flag?

pasquale la forgia ha detto...

grande giulio!
vedo che ci si capisce al volo.
in effetti "dressed to kill" era meglio, ma anche quest'ultimo "stripped" non mi sta dispiacendo.

pasquale la forgia ha detto...

per chi non avesse capito:
la storia dell'imperialismo secondo eddie izzard